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  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Business Process Alignment
  • CPI Training & Facilitation
  • Coaching & Mentoring


OUR Founder and team of executive consultants HAVE a minimum 20 years of Senior management and Process Improvement Experience.


Our professional team is made up of experienced Senior Executives that have a passion for improvement. They have proven success in helping organizations solve problems and achieve their strategic objectives.


We help you develop a strategic  roadmap that will take your organization to where you want it to be in 3-5 years.

We support the implementation process from start to finish providing training, coaching, and mentorship.

We transfer our knowledge and experience to create an imbedded culture of problem solving and continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

Strategic PLANNING

Strategy Execution

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It is my honor to endorse Tom Cluley.  Tom has been my friend and mentor since being introduced to him at an Oxford, Ohio business meeting in 2002.  He is one the most exceptional people I know.  Tom is brilliant.  He assesses situations quickly, effectively and decisively.   Others may take days or weeks to arrive at conclusion that will most likely be much less insightful and less effective.  Tom’s life is guided by a strict personal code of ethics.  He will always do the right thing.  I have dozens of examples of that.  Much of my personal and professional success I attribute Tom’s brilliant influence and guidance.  He is an inspiring leader, a most excellent executive and a highly sought after advisor and mentor.

Scott D. Larkin // President, International Business
Milward & Associates International