Continuous Process Improvement


Above the Fray Senior Advisors are experts in numerous Process Improvement tools and methods. All have extensive Lean experience, many are also Black Belts or Master Black Belts in 6 Sigma, and experts in Theory of Constraints. Our Senior Management Consultants have extensive experience in Strategic Planning and Strategy Execution. We recognize that no long range strategic plan gets executed. All that gets executed is what we do this month, this week, and this day. We roll up our sleeves and show your team how to execute projects and events, ensuring that the results support the strategy and that there is disciplined standard work established and adhered to so that results are sustained.


Our Experts are also highly trained and experienced in Leadership Coaching, Team Building and Change Management. We work with all levels of your organization to build a strong cohesive team and overcome the inherent resistance to change that occurs when new processes are implemented.

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