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Strategic Planning

Who we are & Where we are going

As Louis Carroll stated in Alice in Wonder Land, "If you don't know where you are going, then any road will take you there".


Above the Fray's senior management consultants work with leaders and their senior staff to establish or validate the organization's mission and establish a 3-5 year operational vision. We work with senior leaders to identify key barriers to success and create breakthrough objectives (BTOs) to overcome those barriers. From there we help leaders establish a critical path to strategy deployment and help them set annual improvement priorities (AIPs), identifying key performance metrics and targets for improvement.


Your Steering Team or Executive Council communicates and drives the strategy "Top Down", cascading the strategic planning down into the executable levels of the organization. We help these level develop their support plans for executing the strategy from the "Bottom Up". This "Top Down" / "Bottom Up" approach creates strategic alignment,  leveraging all of the organization's resources in driving Strategy to Execution.