Stategy Execution

Strategy Alignment & Deployment (SA&D)

Many organizations create strategic plans only to have them become vague shelfware, gathering dust after they are crafted. Individual departments are left to interpret their role, often working within their stovepipe, executing plans that, while outwardly improving their function, suboptimize the whole of the organization. Above the Fray's Senior Management Advisors help the organizations align their efforts along the "Value Stream" of the organization, measuring impacts to the Value Stream, setting a cadence or "Battle Rythm" for reporting and rolling up results, linking plan execution to the strategic objectives and Annual Improvement Priorities. We take an active role in coaching various levels of the organization, providing training in Continuous Process Improvement tools and methods, facilitating events and projects and establishing the Governance Systems to retain strategic focus, establish accountability and provide corrective action.

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